Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! I'm particularly looking forward to this year, because I was born in 1975, making me a rabbit in the lunar horoscope. This means it's gonna be *my* year! If you're a rabbit too, here's the deal. We are articulate (check), talented (*blush*), and ambitious (well, two out of three's not bad). We like to be comfortably at home, pursuing our quiet little bunny pursuits, but we are gregarious too and like to surround ourselves with friends and family - as long as there's no conflict. We are big conflict-avoiders. But enough about me. How about a few block prints?

Congratulations and be prosperous!


Jen said...

Sweet Audrey!

Jedidiah said...

These are smokin Audrey. I like how whimsical they are. Please tell me your going to make a story from these and illustrate the book this way. Yup!