Monday, December 7, 2009

The Smithy

Lately, I've gotten more interested in drawing machinery, metal, tools and workshops. Sadly, I don't get to see too many workshops in New York, but I took advantage of a recent trip to Mystic to visit the blacksmith's shop. Not only is it nice and warm inside, but they have more tools than you can shake a stick at! Plus, how often do I get to see a forge? Not often enough! I have more drawings of the printer and the shipyard, which I will probably post at some point, but I think this was my favorite drawing of the trip.

And since it seems appropriate to put him here, here's a page from my sketchbook with the blacksmith who was nice enough to let me sit in the shop for hours.


Julia said...

I LOVE this. So frenetic and alive. It'd be great to see you do more illustrations of industrial places. This one also reminds me of Jim's metal workshop in Cedar Crest.

Cara said...

I love the bricks! This is excellent!!

Danielle C. McManus said...