Friday, July 31, 2009

1000 Voices Part II

This illustration if for my friend Mimi. It illustrates her opinion for Evan Turk's A Picture for a Thousand Voices project.

Often, I do a couple of versions. Here's the other one that I liked:

Equality is achievable if we keep our hopes alive,
because the minute we back down is the minute
they'll think they've won! - Mimi

Mostly I wanted to express Mimi's determination to persevere, and her hope that, through that perseverance, over time we can achieve equality. Since Mimi's opinion was fairly general and abstract, I kept the illustration abstract. I hope she likes it!


tregliam said...

I think your illustration was 100% successful. Using frames to show the progress of colors getting "stronger" was very clever! Thank you for supporting and just being a down right aweosme person!!!!

Cara said...

Awesome! I like the first one the best!

audrey said...

I'm so glad you like it, Mimi!
Thanks, Cara!